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It's Time For A Fresh Look at the 
Beauty & Emotional Spirit of Canada!

Contemporary art plays an important role in telling the Canadian story so for 2012-13, ARABELLA is looking to create an outstanding collection of current works that examine the emotional power of landscape art in shaping Canadian identity with a full sense of past, present and future.  

The contest is designed to be a great adventure in chronicling the current state of landscape painting in Canada.  Now is the time to re-examine the country with a focus on capturing the full breadth, depth and colour that exists and to be as inclusionary as we can with regard to all communities, peoples and cultures.  Register here...

A Call to All North American* Artists!

This landscape painting contest is open to all North American artists who wish to share their representations of Canadian landscapes, cityscapes, snowscapes and seascapes from coast to coast to coast. The contest is unique in that all participants gain exposure for their talents and their work through participation in the ARABELLA social media site which is covered by the contest registration fee ($385 CDN).  *Contest Rules here..

Over $100K in Total Prizes and Awards! 

Winning submissions will share in over $100K in total prizes and awards which include being published as part of a major collector's edition book: The ARABELLA Canadian Landscape Collection (2013); having in-depth "Artist to Collect" articles in ARABELLA profiling their careers and works; and at their discretion they can gain significant exposure though end-of-contest exhibits and tours.  

Registration Includes the ACL ARTISTS HUB! 

Participants in the contest can immediately upload their personal profiles and samples of their past and current works, along with contact information for their galleries and any upcoming events.  Membership provides: 
  • Access to a community of artists in different stages of their careers, and opportunities to expand and build friendships and mutual support networks; 
  • The chance to develop and join specialized groups with shared interests, within the larger membership group; and 
  • Professional development based on peer-to-peer coaching, seminars, workshops and special events
Register Now! Its A Year Long Event & Contest!

Artists can register here using the FORM and PAYMENT system provided. The FINAL DEADLINE for registration is January 1, 2013, but there are major advantages for registering NOW and participating in the Artists social media site and building your fan base and opportunities to make sales - so enter today!  

Contest Rules can be downloaded here. *PLEASE NOTE: Contest is open to individuals in Canada and the US who have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry and who do NOT reside in Arizona, New Jersey or Vermont (these states do not allow operation of a skill contest that requires an entry fee). Please see document for Terms & Conditions. 

Arabella is pleased to host this major art contest and social media art community to showcase the best of contemporary Canadian landscape art at a national level.

ARABELLA Magazine, published four times a year and circulated throughout North America tells the story of Canada as reflected in its art, architecture and design.  

The ARABELLA Canadian Landscape Contest showcases and celebrates what we have become and what landscapes move us emotionally when thinking about our Canadian communities, provinces, territories and country.

Follow, share, collaborate and celebrate Canadian landscape like never before.  It's now time to see how the country is portrayed and changed through the eyes, the minds and hearts of landscape artists.



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